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“The Silicon Harlem community is smart, engaged, and devoted to ensuring that everyone in New York has access to the kind of broadband connections they need to participate in modern civic and commercial life. That’s why it was such a treat to join the Silicon Harlem Broadband Matters conference and talk about how we can work together to close the Homework Gap and ensure that all students have a fair shot at digital age success.”

FCC Commissioner

I’m not a “techy” (my preteen nieces and nephews know more about my cell & computer capabilities than I) HOWEVER, I never felt overwhelmed or lost during this conference. The speakers and discussions were expert, informed and accessible! I learned about technology and opportunities that will definitely help me grow my business. The robust networking, healthy catering and cool sock swag was just icing on the cake! Kudos Silicon Harlem!

Best tech conference with great networking. Learned a lot.
“Such a wonderful tech community gathering! Tech and entrepreneurship are the unifying themes but it’s always the people that make it a must-attend event.”
Silicon Harlem has long been a leader in ensuring that all NYC’s residents have equitable access to and opportunities with broadband, wi-fi, and the latest digital technology. This gathering — SH’s 3rd annual Broadband Matters conference — confirmed their leadership. Thank you SH for your vision and your work.
Traveled 700 miles starting at 4am Friday morning. Spent a total of 3 hours at airports before landing back in Detroit at 11pm. At 61 I can honestly say the Silicon Harlem Conference was the best investment of one day of my time to date. “BEST!” Will return this week to negotiate a formal collaboration with the Silicon Harlem Team to help close the digital divide by December 31, 2021!
Silicon Harlem conferences get better every year. The commitment to diversity of content is outstanding.
Silicon Harlem isn’t just a conversation about the commerce of broadband. The topics encourage thoughtful consideration of the community and its growth through infrastructure and communication. Speakers were poised and well positioned. It is a great event and I hope to be back again and again.
Too many things I wanted to see and experience that I just couldn’t fit into my schedule! Great discussions!
The conference was highly informative and accessible. People from all fields not just technology would be empowered by attending. After attending the silicon harlem conference I had a better understanding of broadband and technology and its importance in my community and its effects in the world for the future.
The quality of speakers and information was far beyond what I anticipated. And the impact being made by Silicon Harlem should now be beyond question. Clayton and Bruce are THE custodians of Harlem’s technological promise and future.
I loved this conference! It was the second tech conference I’d been to, and it was such a welcome contrast to my first—as a young black woman, I felt like I belonged in this space and like the other attendees were both familiar with the tech and business worlds and shared similar values to mine. And the speakers and panels were all really interesting. Awesome job!
The size of the event made it much easier to meet and network with great people. The venue itself reflects a progressive Harlem. Everyone was exceptionally friendly and the topics were very Intellectually stimulating. Harlem is empowered and the Social value of events like this a great service to Harlem and the people of New York City. A thread on Fb, LinkedIn or elsewhere to suggest complementary changes in an Interactive environment might be a good idea.
Great networking, inspiring speakers with good ideas and cogent analysis plus the socks.
Fantastic opportunity to catch up with the latest efforts of SH and advances tech industry in Harlem.
The Silicon Harlem is a “Conference with a Purpose”. The commitment of all the parties involved to bring broadband in Harlem is an inspiring one and Clayton and Bruce are determined to change the way people do community activism.
I stayed all day and enjoyed every minute.
Wonderful panel discussions with thoughtful insightful dialog.
It was a great opportunity to make some terrific connections.
Excellent mix of diverse speakers and plenty of opportunities for networking.
It was informative with excellent speakers.
The conference was an exciting community gathering where Harlem is now platformed to shape their digital destiny. Glad to be a part of history.
It was a stimulating conference, where we all learned about how to fulfill an urgent need and activate a collective passion for serving uptown communities with investment and infrastructure. It also inspired me, as a Harlem resident and professional in tech, to consider how I can do my own part to make Harlem a hub of growth and innovation.
It was obvious to me that Silicon Harlem is the right direction, supported by the right talent, at the right place and at the right time. Great show!
I rec’d way more than expected! Given the nature of the topics and time allotted for each break out, I did not expect much. It was wonderful, albeit too short. I would definitely attend the next conference and I’d like to bring others to participate. Thanks for a great conference.