LinkNYC x Silicon Harlem: Black History Month

During the month of February,  we ran a campaign with LinkNYC to show New York City to celebrate some famous African-American history makers. Here’s a snippet of an Amsterdam News article on it.

“LinkNYC is collaborating with Silicon Harlem to celebrate the contributions of legendary African-Americans on Link kiosks across New York City during Black History Month.

Portraits of African-American heroes, curated by Silicon Harlem and the LinkNYC team, are being displayed on each Link kiosk’s 55-inch side-panel display throughout the month of February. The celebration launched with images of Sojourner Truth and W.E.B. Du Bois.

“For many people, the free high-speed internet access that LinkNYC provides is a lifeline,” said Clayton Banks,….”

We’re elated with the positive community response.

“Congrats- I LOVE the Black History celebratory images on the kiosks! And I learned -and shared with my 3 kids- a few names/historical figures too.
Keep up the good work,”

We are elated by the excitement to which this campaign was received. Expect to see a home on our site for all these revolutionary individuals sometime soon.