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Eventbrite - Silicon Harlem 5th Annual Next-Gen Tech Conference

The Silicon Harlem Next-Gen Tech Confernece is all about sharing knowledge and connecting to each other. The conference always puts people at the center of innovation and advanced technology. Celebrating the 5th anniversary, the theme is “RETHINK EVERY THING” and will feature a variety of sessions that focus on the tech-enabled future. The conference is an opportunity to get informed and share your experience on how communities prepare for an advanced technical innovation driven life that is requiring all of us to ReThink Every Thing!

What matters?

At Silicon Harlem, we believe that everyone deserves a connection and that everything will be connected. The paradox of our interconnected world is the loss of human connection to one another. As we spend more and more of our time online, our society is struggling to redefine our relationship to community and what it means to interact with our friends, neighbors, and loved ones.
The Silicon Harlem Next-Gen Conference is a way to plug-in to each other and discuss the various changes that are creating challenges but increasing future opportunities for all. Some key topics will include, Internet of Things, enhanced humans, augment reality, and tech enabled homes. The digital change is moving fast and its vital that we are all prepared to participate in the economic impact and growth. Lets come together and ensore that the future is designed for everyone to contribute.

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“The Silicon Harlem community is smart, engaged, and devoted to ensuring that everyone in New York has access to the kind of broadband connections they need to participate in modern civic and commercial life. That’s why it was such a treat to join the Silicon Harlem Broadband Matters conference and talk about how we can work together to close the Homework Gap and ensure that all students have a fair shot at digital age success.”

Jessica Rosenworcel FCC Commissioner October 23, 2016

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