A Future for East Harlem

On April 13th, 2017 we had an event dedicated to discussing the Future of East Harlem. There were refreshments, networking, a sock giveaway and a great panel.

Some of the Panelist were

Clayton Banks is Inspiring Diversity

This week our CEO Clayton Banks was featured as Story of the Week. Here is an excerpt..

Who is Clayton Banks?

I am the co-founder and CEO of Silcon Harlem. Silicon Harlem is about transforming Harlem into a tech and innovation hub. Our focus is on urban markets, particularly inner cities, those who are marginalized in a lot of ways, and providing the broadband connection that they need to improve their lives whether it’s through education, through…….

Jesse Jackson’s Push Tech 2020

We facilitated Push Tech 2020 again! and selected 6 Early-stage tech startups developing great technology in New York City and the tri-state

and the tri-state area to take advantage of opportunities to connect with members of the technology community.

Bain & Co + Silicon Harlem: Embolding Harlem Entrepreneurs

On Wednesday, February 1 We Partnered with Leaders Quest to give 4 Harlem startup companies free consulting from American global management consulting firm Bain & Company. They provide advisory services to businesses, nonprofit organizations, and governments, and are one of the Big Three strategy consulting firms  They advise global leaders on their most critical issues […]

Silicon Harlem Upfront 2017

On January 18th Silicon Harlem held a private event to show our plans for 2017. We are happy to have so much on our plate as the year starts and to add more as the year goes on. Feel free to email us [email protected] about anything you are interested in participating, or working with us […]

International Technology Exchange! Harlem Havana

Travel with Silicon Harlem & Greater Harlem Chamber of Commerce for an International Technology Exchange CUBA GHCC People to People Tour Visiting Varadero and Havana February 21 – 28, 2017 Visit To reserve: Call Linda Walton at 212-862-7200 Limited availability