Youth Technology Hackathon

The Youth S.T.E.A.M Hackathon at the City College of New York on August 1st was a blast. The event kicked off with welcome remarks from Dr. Vincent Boudreau, the President of the City College of New York and Marko Nobles, 2nd Vice Chairman of Harlem Week Inc. This year’s panel was themed “Local Innovation Leads […]

Harlem Week 2019

Silicon Harlem is proud to announce our Harlem Week initiatives that aim to further galvanize the Harlem community in the technology space! Our Youth S.T.E.A.M Hackathon on August 1st, 2019 at the City College of New York will host some of the brightest young minds in the City and put their creative and innovative problem-solving […]

Community Tech Meetup

Come and join us this Wednesday, July 17th at Silicon Harlem, where we will be hosting our community tech meetup to engage in stimulating discussions about several topics including our summer drone program for high school students, edge cloud computing and what it means for the Harlem community,  the economic and safety benefits of a […]

Data Center Announcement

Silicon Harlem received over 100 servers on July 9, 2019, making Silicon Harlem’s Uptown Space the first edge cloud data center in Upper Manhattan. Edge computing allows for faster and more efficient data processing on the edge of the network…

Community Technology

Silicon Harlem is working to deploy an inclusive infrastructure that benefits all. At the June 2019 meetup, the company had a robust conversation with neighbors in the community about how to get everyone connected in the home. The specific idea is under a research grant focused on edge cloud computing. The…

Uptown Space

Silicon Harlem is opening the new co-working”Uptown Space” June 3, 2019. A pre-opening of the Uptown Space was recently held on May 16, 2019. The event featured two young and upcoming artist. The Uptown Space is now signing up members. Please let us know if you are interested in joining US.

Advanced Research on 5G

Voice of America recently produced a news segment on COSMOS and the rollout of 5G in New York City. The story discussed Silicon Harlem’s role in the project and how the COSMOS testbed will impact the local community.

Deployment on the way….

The COSMOS project is aimed at design, development, and deployment of a city-scale advanced wireless testbed in order to support real-world experimentation on next-generation wireless technologies and applications. The COSMOS architecture has a particular focus on ultra-high bandwidth and low latency wireless communication tightly coupled with edge cloud computing. The COSMOS testbed will be deployed […]

February Meetup – DoITT

What a Night! The February 13, 2019 meetup event was once again filled with deep information and opportunities shared by Commissioner of DoITT Samir Saini. Good news, the evening was streamed. By the way, the “empanadas” were …