Black History Month One-On-One with 1010 Wins

Anchored by 1010 WINS’ Larry Mullins
Produced for 1010 WINS by Sharon Barnes-Waters 

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NEW YORK (1010 WINS) — Black History Month honoree Clayton Banks is the CEO and Co-Founder of Silicon Harlem.

“Silicon Valley has its long legacy of promoting technology. Silicon Harlem has the exact same mission, but we start with the community. The whole objective is to make sure that we are moving our community forward,” he tells 1010 WINS’ Larry Mullins. “So it’s a lot about technology, it’s a lot about how we can help with the advancement of technology, but we include education, health awareness, all the sort of systemic issues that often plague marginalized communities. So it’s very important for us that we’re not only pushing technology but we’re pushing the community forward.”

He says his work is “intergenerational,” because our economy is now “built on innovation and built on digital literacy.”

 “How do we create a future that’s inclusive, that everyone can benefit from? And how do we provide the access and exposure to every single citizen so that at that point they can take advantage of the opportunities?” he says.