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Silicon Harlem has established a growing tech ecosystem in Upper Manhattan and advocates for all citizens to participate in the digital economy. The company is partnered with Universities across the country to platform Upper Manhattan/Harlem as a key community to test advanced technology and next generation applications and services. Silicon Harlem is the first company to establish a “Community as a Platform” (CaaP), starting in Harlem. The key to CaaP is to ensure the community can be involved in the technology and innovation planning and deployment throughout the process.

Since 2013, we’ve been helping building owners, residents, and small business owners adopt high speed connectivity to move the community forward. We have a commitment to provide inter-generational digital literacy curriculum, tech skills courses, code and programming classes, and ongoing events to share tech and innovation information

Silicon Harlem hosts an annual Next Gen Tech Conference to galvanize the community and attract top leaders focused on the countries technological infrastructure, privacy, education, and next generation opportunities.

Silicon Harlem is focused on the design and development of a Smart City/Smart Community pilot that would serve as a model that could be deployed in a target catchment area for the ultimate purpose of being replicated in key urban markets around the country. There are a number of projects currently underway from which Silicon Harlem can derive commercializable research that can be applied to each deployment. Building on a targeted initiative in East Harlem, the RISE project is already implementing a resilient wireless network.

The goal of Silicon Harlem is to develop an accessible broadband infrastructure, reproducible in urban markets that is affordable, fast, resilient, and smart. Silicon Harlem embraces the role to expand STEM education and committed to emphasize inclusivity in expanding the tech sector and its many opportunities in and throughout Harlem, East Harlem and Upper Manhattan. Our track record of success includes the development of the Apps Youth Leadership Academy, Tech Skills Accelerator, NYC Department of Education After school STEM programming, Annual Hackathons and Advanced coding courses at CUNY/SUNY institutions. All told these initiatives and programs have from 2013 served nearly 1000 people. Silicon Harlem is partnering with world renowned partners from the private sector, academia, non-profits and the community to build the next generation of technological infrastructure to meet the challenges New Yorkers face today and tomorrow.

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Silicon Harlem

Advancing Technology’s role in the transformation and sustainability of Harlem as a Technology and Innovation Hub.