A Better Moust Trap Podcast w/ Dan Kipler & Clayton Banks


Smart Cities New York (SCNY 2018) is North America’s leading global event exploring the emerging influence of cities in shaping the future. With the global smart city market expected to grow to $1.6 trillion within the next three years, Smart Cities New York is Powered by People and guided this year by its “Emerging Power Of Cities” theme. The event brings together top thought leaders and senior members of the private and public sector to discuss investments in physical and digital infrastructure, health, education, sustainability, security, mobility, workforce development, and more, to ensure cities are central to advancing and improving urban life.



The future of cities is now; and the people powering that future live and work in cities, bringing their energy and ideas to bear on the unique challenges and opportunities of urban life.


This year, at Smart Cities New York, a diverse global community of leaders from business, government, academia, civil society, and startups will explore the emerging power of cities on the world stage. How can technology transform  the lives of citizens? What drives innovation? Where will ideas and expertise rise from next? Who will lead the movement for better, safer, smarter cities?